Key Storage Management Cabinet2018-07-09T14:26:56+00:00


  • Key Locking Mechanism
  • Intelligent Key Fob Integration
  • Biometric Finger Print Scanner
  • Intelligent Latch Lock

  • User Defined Keys
  • Integrated Alarm
  • 12-150 Key Slots
  • 4 Hour Battery Back-up
  • RS232/RS485 Interface
  • Touch Screen LCD
  • Unreplicable Global Unique ID
  • Remote Unlock and Authorization


Key Capacity Up to 150
Intelligent Fob Compatible Yes
Remote Management Yes
Bio-metric Scanning Finger Print and Vein
Mechanical Lock Yes
User Defined Keys Yes
LED Display Yes
Integrated Alarm Yes
I/O RS232, RS485
Part Number KMS-KSC