Comprehensive Key Management


  • Intelligent keys with key fob

  • Biometric finger print module

  • Intelligent latch lock

  • Durable mechanical key for emergency

  • Remote lock/unlock authorization

  • Global unique ID

  • Keys can be user defined

  • Integrated alarm function

  • Capacity for 12-150 keys

  • Alarm for unauthorized access

  • LED to display key position for users

  • 4 hour back up battery

  • RS232 or RS485 connectivity

If you are seeking to create a culture of accountability in your organization, we provide the tools for control. You determine who has access, to what, when, and for how long.

Our comprehensive web-based reporting gives you full insight into personnel usage and activity, eliminating the need for manual logs and paper forms. Our data helps you streamline your processes to maximize efficiency.

Our products–scale-able from a single to multiple units–are often integrated into existing networks for enhanced and remote functionality. In addition, you customize the parameters, you control the usage, and if your procedures are not adhered to, you will immediately receive a system-generated alert.